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Religious Passion, Pluralism & the Young
Are religious energies of youth changing the world?
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Say It Plain: Great African American Oratory
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SHOW: American Radio Works

listen White House Tapes: Vietnam

Listen in on President Richard Nixon behind the scenes of the Viet Nam war. Hear Nixon's intimate discussions and controversial decisions that set history in motion... more

Budget Hero SHOW: Marketplace

listen Budget Hero

Budget Hero provides an interactive experience involving policy options that have been extensively researched and vetted with non-partisan government and think tank experts to enable players to objectively evaluate candidates... more

  • I am proud to say that I earned the green badge and the efficient government badge, reduced debt by 7.3 percent, and delayed the bust to 2037...and gave everyone healthcare.

    Ok, enough bragging...this was a fun post, I'm curious as to how accurate it is. Could we actually take these actions and "fix it?" If so, it's so logical, if it is actually possible, so why hasn't it happened?

       |  Danielle, student
  • I earned the energy independence, national security, and efficient government badges while delaying the budget bust to 2070+. I reduced the debt as a percent of GDP by 33.8% and downsized the government by 1.8% or $400 million in 10 years. I was able to partial privatize social security, gradually bring the troops home, increase clean and alternative energy spending, add a bevy to school spending increases, help protect the environment, slightly expand health care coverage, and limit greenhouse gases.

      |  Andrew, student
  • I earned the health and wellness badge, the green badge, and the energy independence badge.

    I reduced the debt to 25.4% of the GDP and the size of the government is at 20.3% of the GDP. The government has a surplus of $273 billion. I delayed the budget bust to 2053 and provided health care for all(at least required it).

      |  Suzy, student

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