About Sound Learning

Get tips and instructions for how to incorporate audio content into your classroom.

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About Sound Learning

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Minnesota Public Radio understands the time crunch educators face — and the demands of fulfilling curriculum requirements in ways that deeply engage students across a broad spectrum of learning styles.

We've designed Sound Learning to meet your needs and enlisted educators across Minnesota to help make Sound Learning most useful to you.

Now easier to use than ever before, Sound Learning connects Minnesota Public Radio programming with statewide academic standards. Students can independently listen to a feature and read the transcript as research or to reinforce key points. Teachers can use SoundLearning lesson plans to incorporate the drama of audio into group exploration of a topic. SoundLearning gives you the flexibility you need to shape an effective, meaningful classroom experience.

Spark the spirit of inquiry through your students' ears with SoundLearning.

Materials posted on the Sound Learning web pages are protected by copyright. As the copyright owner, Minnesota Public Radio grants permission for educators to reproduce Sound Learning resources for use in classroom settings. Please be sure to include all the credits that you find on the site. For permission to use the resources in other contexts, please contact us