Public dialogue about Islam has sparked opinions from pundits and ideologues across the map. Hear a diverse range of Muslim voices responding to the most difficult and compelling questions facing Islam in recent years.


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listen Progressive Islam in America

SHOW: On Being | Length: 52:19 | Audio Format: MP3
In the years since the attacks of September 11th, 2001, scrutiny of Islamic religion has become part of our public life....
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Muslim Women

listen Muslim Women and Other Misunderstandings

SHOW: On Being | Length: 51:19 | Audio Format: MP3
Is Western concern about women in Islam really a concern for the well-being of women? Is the veil a sign of submission or courage?....
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listen A New Voice for Islam

SHOW: On Being | Length: 51:19 | Audio Format: MP3
Ingrid Mattson, the first woman and first convert to lead the Islamic Society of North America, describes her experience of Islamic spirituality, discovered....
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