Ethics of Eating

Under the forces of our formidable and complex agricultureal system, can we satisfy our conscience while we feed our families? Award-winning authors Barbara Kingsolver and Michael Pollan turn their lives towards questions many of us are asking about our food. Kingsolver recounts her family's year-long adventure eating primarily what they could grow or raise themselves. Pollan makes the case for a sustainable revolution, from the farm bill to the table.


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Ethics of Eating

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SHOW: On Being | Length: 51:19 | Audio Format: MP3
Author Barbara Kingsolver describes an adventure her family undertook to spend one year eating primarily what they could grow or...
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Where Does Your Food Come From?

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SHOW: Word for Word | Length: 53:20 | Audio Format: MP3
Journalist Michael Pollan urges concern about what's in the farm bill. He says agricultural policy affects everything from...