Kerri Miller's Classic Book Club

Dig deep into the classics for fresh takes and thought provoking insights on some of our most beloved titles and topics.


Resources in this Collection

listen Heart of Darkness

SHOW: Midmorning | Length: 60:11 | Audio Format: MP3
Joseph Conrad's groundbreaking novel, "Heart of Darkness," explores what it means to be human in the midst of privation and violence. The interpretation...

listen To Kill A Mocking Bird

SHOW: Midmorning | Length: 60:11 | Audio Format: MP3
Lee's biographer and the actor who played Scout in the movie talk about "To Kill a Mockingbird,"...

listen Land After Lincoln

SHOW: Midmorning | Length: 60:15 | Audio Format: MP3
A new book chronicles how people reacted to Abraham Lincoln's death, and the surprising ways his legacy influenced...