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Sound Learning Monthly Feature: RSS Feeds, Blogs, and Podcasts

This month, Sound Learning kicks off the school year with a variety of RSS news feeds, weblogs, and podcasts from Minnesota Public Radio. Whether your students are studying the mid-term election or the latest in classical music, there's a MPR news stream, weblog, or podcast that will fit your curriculum. The sample lessons on this month's web page show you how to use these features with a technique for building reading and/or listening comprehension and correlate with the Minnesota Graduation Standards.

Podcasting is a convenient technology that automatically downloads an MPR Program to your computer once it becomes available. You can then hear the podcast program whenever it fits your schedule. Weblogs (also called blogs) are analogous to newspaper editorial pages and are updated frequently, often many times a day. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that lets you know the instant a webpage or blog is updated with new information. The lesson templates and selected resources below walk you through how to use each technology in your classroom.

Use these templates to help you create lessons with material from Minnesota Public Radio's RSS feeds, blogs and podcasts.
Template for using RSS news feeds and blogs with your middle or high school students.
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Template for using podcasts with your middle or high school students.
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Selected Resources
DocumentMPR's RSS feed and Weblog Page

DocumentMPR's Podcast Page

DocumentNPR's Frequently Asked Questions for RSS Feeds and Podcasts

Use these resources to help you get started using RSS feeds, weblogs, and podcasts in your classroom:

DocumentHow to Subscribe to RSS Feeds

DocumentRSS Readers / News Aggregators for Windows

DocumentRSS Readers / News Aggregators for Macintosh

DocumentiTunes - Podcast Tips

DocumentNPR's Frequently Asked Questions for RSS Feeds and Podcasts

DocumentWhy audio clips?
DocumentWhat are monthly features?

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