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Sound Learning Monthly Feature: Campaign 2006

On November 7th, Minnesotans will go to the polls to choose a Governor, an Attorney General, United States House Representatives and a United States Senator. Voters will also decide races for seats in the Minnesota House of Representatives and Senate. This month, Sound Learning helps you and your students keep track of it all by featuring Minnesota Public Radio's Campaign 2006 coverage, news archives, and interactive features.

Use the MPR's Campaign 2006 election coverage and news archives to research each candidate's position on the issues, track changes in Minnesota's political climate, or just learn more about what each elected official does. Students can use this month's selected resources to hold mock elections, find a candidate that aligns with their own views, or learn more about the issues that will define their government over the next term.

This month's sample lessons and selected resources provide you with ready-to-go lessons and ideas for building reading and listening skills as they research the issues and candidate's positions. All lessons correlate with the Minnesota Graduation Standards in language arts and social studies.

Use these lessons with your middle or high school students:
"Compare the Candidates" sample lesson - students learn about each office and the candidates.
Document Middle School (Word format)
Document High School (Word format)
PDFWho's Got the Power? worksheet (PDF format)
PDFCandidate Compare worksheet (PDF format)
"Candid Analysis" sample lesson - students examine the positions held by a candidate.
Document Middle School (Word format)
Document High School (Word format)
PDFCandidate Web worksheet (PDF format)
PDFEvidence Tracker worksheet (PDF format)
Selected Resources
DocumentMPR's Campaign 2006 Homepage

DocumentMPR's Select a Candidate (an interactive feature)

DocumentMPR's Minnesota Fantasy Legislature (an interactive feature)

DocumentMPR's Votetracker (an interactive feature)

Background information on our political system and elected offices:

DocumentMinnesota North Star: Governor and Elected Officials

DocumentRoles and Terms for the United States Congress

Ideas and resources for extending the sample lessons:

DocumentNational Mock Election

DocumentPrimer on the Separation of Powers

Keep your class up-to-date with these RSS feeds:

RSSGeneral Campaign News

RSSPolinaut (Political Commentary)

DocumentWhy audio clips?
DocumentWhat are monthly features?

Monthly Feature Archive
DocumentRSS Feeds, Blogs and Podasts (Sept. 2006)
DocumentMorning Edition (September 2005)
DocumentWho's Democracy Is It? (May 2004)
DocumentReligious Passion, Pluralism, and the Young (Jan. 2006)
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